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Our company is involved in individual project development, piloting and implementation of unique solutions.

> 25 years of experience at the market of capping and packaging solutions.

Our company is one of the largest producers of medical closures and packaging products.

Start of the business with 15 people
FEZ "Gomel-Raton"
One of the first participants of the FEZ "Gomel-Raton"
40 535 m²
the total area
>2 billion units
Annual output
12 000 m²
the area of clean rooms, clean classes D and C (ISO 8 and ISO 7)
Innovative leader
At the market of sealing devices for alcohol, cosmetic industry and products for medical purposes
1169 employees
Highly qualified personnel
> 200
International patents
Tool-making manufactory
Manufacturing of technological tooling and equipment repair
Uniqueness of developments
In-house design studio, NPD and design bureau


Our production is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies

Quality Control
The company has implemented a quality management system and utilizes automated quality control stations for product inspection.
Constant development and implementation of new products, active patent work.

Full production cycle


We supply products to > 30 countries around the world.


We build and develop long-term strategic relationships with partners.

of the company's revenue comes from our loyal customers.