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The area of the modern industrial building is 40 535 m² / clean rooms = 12 000 m² (class ISO 8 и ISO 7) which are qualified according to ISO/OP/14644 and CMQ ISO 14644.


Main equipment:

  • injection molding machine;
  • injection blow molding machine;
  • automatic assembly lines;
  • pad printing machine;
  • centralized supply systems for raw materials.

Automated monitoring and measuring systems:

  • leakage monitoring;
  • control of spaying parameters and particle size;
  • visual inspection;
  • ultra-sonic welding;
  • applying decoration using hot stamping.

Auxiliary items:

  • cooling equipment;
  • ventilation and conditioning;
  • transformer substation;
  • boiler room;
  • compressor equipment.

Tool-making manufactory:

A tool-making manufactory successfully operates on the premises of the production, to    maintain high quality of products and timely service of equipment and molds.


Our company is involved in individual project development, piloting and implementation of unique solutions. 

As a result, you get:

  • support by one company from "A" to "Z";
  • accelerated product development and market launch;
  • high quality and uniqueness of products;
  • complex offer.